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OKC Nuclear


Designed for delivering unique solutions in nuclear science and technology, the OKC nuclear solutions gain from over thirty year background experience in international nuclear research and development. Clients can benefit from our innovation, unique nuclear knowledge, plus our business independence.

*      Nuclear Energy

We are uniquely positioned to support Global energy sustainability trends in which nuclear technology plays a role. This entails aiding nuclear energy programme development through our core business activities of consultancy, research and education. In addition, clients can gain from our expertise in developing nuclear laboratories and instrumentation, strategies for R&D and nuclear education and training


*      Other Nuclear Applications

Clients from the industry, Education, health and cultural institutions, plus government agencies, will benefit from our leading capabilities in nuclear science and technology that extend to developing accelerator laboratories, fundamental and applied nuclear research, nuclear analytical techniques, and radiation applications in health, industry, archaeology and environment. Please refer to OKC Radiation Environmental Monitoring


*      Nuclear Ventures and Investments

We can undertake development of nuclear ventures on behalf of clients and guide investors through the nuclear cycle


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