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OKC Intersections

The underlining reasoning behind the foundation of OKC is that “new thinking” should bring about rewards that can otherwise not be attained. This is achieved under the OKC brand by: (a) overcoming intuition limitations responsible for ignoring nonlinearities, (b) harnessing of skills integration, and (c) utilizing our Intersections framework in order to realise problem formulation, and unique 21st century outcomes.

It is also worthwhile to point out that it is by virtue of the fluidity of the OKC process we are highly flexible to consider client’s diverse requirements for our own brand of consultancy, research and public lectures. The following, un-exhaustive topic list, illustrates the diversity of our intersections programme.

*       Strategic high profile national transformational programmes for science & technology

*       Intersections-based strategies for the 21st century

*       Interfacing of science, art and archaeology

*       Arabic/Islamic civilisation at the cross-roads of history and the future

*       Novel sustainable technological developments

*       Defining the future for knowledge-based organisations



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