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OKC Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. R. A. Jarjis (B.Sc, Ph.D, M.Inst.P, C.Phys)

Interests: Science, sustainability, strategies, and the arts.

Defining moments: Early encounters with “The Ascent of Man” of Jacob Bronowski.

Raik Jarjis is setting new trends in scientific entrepreneurship, and he is alumni of the Oxford Said Business School. In addition, he was principal scientist at the University of Oxford, R&D leader at the high technology industry, and member of the management committee of the European Commission COST action G1.

Raik Jarjis is a nuclear physicist responsible for pioneering contributions to applied nuclear physics. This includes novel fast neutron techniques at the age of 22, characterising the D-T fusion neutron source, high precision nuclear data and material characterizations for nuclear reactors, and new radiation detectors for nuclear fusion research and radiotherapy. He is also one of the founders of the subject Ion Beam Analysis (IBA), and is internationally recognised for his 1979 seminal handbook, “Nuclear Cross-Section Data for Surface Analysis”. In addition, his acclaimed 1994 Oxford Study of external ion-beam multi-techniques is considered a new field. Raik is also noted for developments in plasma discharge material synthesis and science-based archaeology and art, (including manuscripts technology, early smelting technology, conservation of cultural heritage, and quantifying of 8th century Lustre Glaze nanotechnology).


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