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About OKC

Best described as a frontiers company, Oxford Knowledge Consultants Ltd (OKC) was founded by Dr R. A. Jarjis in order to pioneer new ways of thinking for the 21st century winning scientific enterprise. With roots at the University of Oxford plus nearly forty year innovation heritage, the OKC brand stands for insightful scientific solutions for diverse and complex international consultancy projects and ventures. OKC also stands for the new sciences, such as complexity, especially as manifested in complex adaptive systems.

As the foremost innovative company operating exclusively at the Intersections between diverse subject domains; OKC resilience stems from possessing adaptive knowledge process dynamics, and from being transformational through perpetual experimentation.

  • Government and corporate clients benefit from our bespoke services and capability to deliver, in confidence, on key global problems

  • Outcomes for our clients are maximized through the OKC business model, which encompasses key partnerships benefiting from the OKC multi-disciplinary credentials and intelligent foresights. The partner organisations provide cutting edge expertise that enhances contents and delivery of projects

  • We offer clear advantage for our clients by delivering on diverse strategic projects within the unique OKC Intersections framework

  • Our full appreciation of the culture, history and aspiration of the Arab World is key to our Middle-East services, which are delivered in both English and Arabic



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